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Adding Value to Association Membership

Free Marketing Tool for Members


  • Home Services Savings Guide Distributed through the Association Location
  • Non-Branded Publication
  • Gives Members an Added Member Benefit with Limited Involvement from the Association
  • Affiliates Receive Priority Placement
  • Hot Leads for Affiliate Recruiting Efforts

REALTOR® Stores need an abundance of unique products, reserved exclusively for REALTOR® Members

What's Included?

  • Home Buyer and Home Seller Checklist
  • Mortgage Document Requirements
  • Frequently Requested Phone Numbers
  • Information on Local Demographics
  • Local Activity Suggestions
  • Local REALTOR® Association Advertisement
  • Moving Tips
  • Thousands of Dollars in Savings from Local Businesses

First time home buyers say- Understanding the home buying process is one of their highest expectations from their REALTOR®*

Members include their information inside

  • More memorable than a Business Card
  • Can be used for landing page content
  • Affordable customization options for individual Members
  • Icebreaker for soliciting new clients
  • Helps build strong referral relationships

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