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Always Stay Top-of-Mind: Get More Referrals

    The basic principal behind touch point marketing is to make frequent and deliberate contacts. The system seems logical, stay in constant contact so the agent is always top of mind and gets consistent referrals.

    Implementing the system creates a fine line between annoying and helpful. Get creative with your constant contact marketing. When reaching out to past clients provide them with information that's relevant and valuable.

    It's a Numbers Game

    There is a catch, everything in the marketing world is about numbers. Not everyone is going to respond but if you have a large enough database a portion of your contacts will convert to repeat or referral sales.

    So how do you get a database of clients that’s large enough to produce results? Obviously selling several homes is a great way but you can’t sell homes without a constant influx of clients. Whether you are building your customer base or looking to expand your referrals here are a few tips to produce results.

    Creative Marketing

    Don’t send out the same mailer every other agent utilizes. Find an exclusive marketing platform with several unique variations and use it consistently. Brand yourself with memorable messages and content so you don’t get lost in the mix. 

    Incentive Programs

    Consumers are money motivated. Consider implementing a referral cash program that generates revenue for the referring party. This actually prompts those who come in contact with your brand to promote it for the cost of a cheap ad campaign that might not produce results. This system works because you don’t pay anything until you sell a home.

    Focus on Market Segments

    Know the demographics in your area to develop a marketing plan that speaks to each demographic. Millennials have a much different outlook on technology than other buyers. If you have many millennials clients, provide tools that they will find essential to managing their homes and lifestyle. If you are in one of the areas where Millennials are migrating too create a marketing plan that pulls them in. Read the National Association of REALTORS® report on the top Metro areas for Millenial home buyers

    Offer First-Time Homebuyers More Resources

    First-time home buyers made up 35 percent of all home buyers from 2015-2016 so focus on reaching this market and demonstrating your expertise. When someone knows little about the home buying process it's essential to guide them and make them feel that you are an important component of the transaction. Fortunately, most home buyers see the value in working with a real estate professional but they have many options so you must stand out. Working with this market is important because they have many years to use you as their agent and give referrals.

    Generate Referrals from Strategic Partnerships

    You most likely have a close network of mortgage, insurance, title, and home warranty professionals. They work with several agents at one time and referrals are often shared with the other agents in their networks. Partner with companies who don’t have a strong alliance of agents they work with. Cast your net far and wide. Focus on home service businesses who work with homeowners, buyers, and sellers every day. Create a partnership with carpet cleaners, plumbers, window covering companies, pest control, etc.. It seems like setting up these external partnerships might be a lot of work but Golden Seed Media provides an easy way to start working with these companies for an exchange of referrals. Call us today and find out how we can connect you 800-715-1970.

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